July 2014

My initial visit to the Parkdale development was in late July 2014. As may be seen from the photo gallery the site was rambling with bushes and grasses, so much so it was difficult to see the exact outline of the land. My only option for photographing the site was to reach over the fencing with my camera and take what I hoped would prove to be good enough shots.

07 January 2015


During the first week of January I revisted the site having not been there since July 2014. At this time of year with much of the foliage in its winter state it was far easier to see the outline of the plot. The area was larger than I had thought it to be when I was there over the summer and it was also easier to walk around. I mapped out the site from as many corners as I could reach and have posted the resultant photographs below.

15 January 2015

Into the second week of January and I was back at Parkdale. Much of the plant life was now cut back to the ground giving the first real glimpse of the entire area. The fencing to the entrance was now in place and had just been painted prior to my arrival. Once again I mapped out the area from as many vantage points as I could, trying to ensure that the photos gave an excellent representation of the site.

05 February 2015


The first week of February and I now saw major progress, as per the photos below. Whilst I wanted to capture the size of each plot in the wide area photos I also wanted to capture the detail of what was there in front of me. For this reason there are a combination of photos that detail landscape images together with close ups of the ground work to date.

12 February 2015

5 March 2015

12 March 15

26 March 2015

9 April 2o15

16 April 15

22 April 15

3 June 15

1 July 15

15 July 15

30 July 15

7 Aug 15

13 Aug 2015

20 Aug 15

24 Sept 2015

08 Oct 2015

17 March 2016

08 April 16

21 months after my initial visit to a piece of overgrown land and 15 months on from when building work actually began, I returned to Parkdale to capture the final result; two beautiful properties  in the heart of Astley. Take a moment or two to look over the expert craftmanship and delicate design that is Parkdale.

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