Week 1

I first visited the Longridge development July 2014. At that point the team themselves had only been on site a week or so and as such very little had changed internally. The photos show both internally and externally how the build was prior to any major changes to it. 

8 Aug 2014

Returning to Longridge on week 2 and the majority of changes were to be seen in the living room. The archway had been prepared for plaster boarding which in effect would separate the room and create a hallway to the front of the house. In later weeks the transformation to the hallway would continue with the removal of the existing window and the fitting of a door. This in effect making a front entrance to the building. In other areas of the house work was also evident in the corridor connecting the living room with the remaining rooms. Here the framework for a new ceiling had been installed. Witihin the back room the walls had been stripped of the original wall coverings in readiness for the next part of the project. What was the bathroom had been cleared of all its fittings and was now just an empty room.


15 August 2014

The main change upon this visit was the preparation work that had been done to the roof. Internally work had continued in the rooms with the most noticeable changes taking place in the back central room in readiness for its transformation in to a bathroom.

22 August 2014

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