Ellesmere Park

Week 1

Work commenced on the Ellesmere Park project during October 2014. The first part of the project has focused on a development to the rear of the property and the kitchen. The following photographs chronicle the on going progress from October through to December. The intial photographs from Oct detail the existing front and rear elevations together with the initial preparation. A number of the photos may appear slightly distorted around their edges. This is due to them being composited from individual images and then combined into one overall photo. The technique used to create such composites can add a slight perspective shift together with some shade variation between the individual images used.

Week 2

During the second visit to the site, a week after the above visit, progress could easily be seen.

Week 3

Upon the third visit, as may be seen in the slide show below, progress had continued.

Week 4

As the progress continued, ongoing developments outside are complemented by the start of new building work inside as new rooms appear and existing ones change shape.

Week 5

As may be seen, progress continues both internally and externally.


Week 6

As may be seen from this selection of photographs, observable changes continue internally as the extension to the rear continues to take shape. A record of the existing kitchen has also been made prior to the transformation that awaits it.

Week 7

The gallery photos for week 7 capture images from both outside and in. The external ones concentrate and display some of the finer details that go into a Fusion Projects Ltd build whilst the interior photos record the initial transition of the old kitchen and its removal in readiness for the new one.

Week 8

The gallery photos for week 8 continue to show the developments within including how the kitchen has taken shape since the previous visit.

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