Castle Quay

Castle Quay is a development nestled in the heart of Manchester city centre overlooking the industrial heritage of the mills, canals and locks to northern side and the ever changing innovative landscape to the east.

23 July 2015

My first visit to this Grade II listed development was within the first week of work commencing. As may be seen from those initial photographs, the hallway is very much in evidence upon entry, with the kitchen area directly ahead, a small bathroom to the left and the living area to the right. The kitchen at this moment in time had seen the main transformations take place although evidence of what was planned could also be seen elsewhere within the development.


The gallery directly below details that first week's changes. Due to the photographic techniques used to capture as much of a 360 degree view as possible, it may be spotted across all of the galleries that some edges are not as true as they actually are. This is simply a result of the techniques used in merging photographs together to form each composite image.

30 July 15

During the second week's visit far more evidence of the transformation underway may be seen. Directly upon walking in changes could be seen to the hallway which now had a much more 'open' feel to it with the removal of the upper 'viewing' window.

7 Aug 2015

Changes had continued along the first floor with not only the landing area being far more open plan but now also the master bedroom had likewise followed suit.

14 Aug 2015

In the space of one week, upon entering, the site changes were immediately evident. The hallway flooring had been taken up giving access to a network of pipes exposed in the cavity beneath. The wall between the hallway and the living room and kitchen areas had also been removed creating a much brighter, more spacious area. The staircase at the end of the living room, leading up to the master bedroom had also been removed. There was also evidence of the start of the kitchen wiring being put in place too.

24 Aug 2015

Once more, the on site changes were obvious the moment I walked through the door, the balcony above the hallway had progressed and the plastering had started. Work had also begun in the ground floor rest room whilst the kitchen housed most of the furniture from within the living room,

24 Sept 2015

A month had passed by since last being on site and with it much more progress to be seen. Upon entering the first change to be spotted was the opening up of the entrance to the stair way and the relocation of the downstairs cloakroom door. Where the door had originally been in the hall way as you walked in to the apartment, it was now situated within the entrance to the stairs.  Work had now also started on the kitchen with a number of the cabinets built and waiting to be fitted.

15 Oct 2015

A further three weeks had passed by since being on site at Castle Quay and with it a bathroom well underway to being completed and a similar story in the kitchen too.

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